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Grand Master Sumant Kaul Mht,Lblrt,Plrt,NLPT is the Founder of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough, Karma Healing Love ,Health and Wealth Breakthrough, and Create Wealth through Law of Magnetism four very powerful techniques when learnt together impact in changing people's life  and negative Karma instantly as the person realizes what they have been doing till now to sabotage themselves and  they have a choice  to CHANGE INSTANTLY.

He is also a Senior Master Thetahealer and Certificate of Science and has been designated as AMBASSADOR OF THETAHEALING FOR INDIA and UAE by H.H.Vianna Stibal.

Sumant has served as an teacher to hundreds of   thousands of people around the world and many of them have been leaders of National and International Luminaries of importance, Business Czars.

He is an authority on the psychology of Marketing innovations, Peace Strategies, Love, brotherhood, leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and Hitech peak performance.

His NGO International Healing Foundation a Trust he has formed is to   provide support and assistance to  needy, education for girl child, food for the poorest of poor  senior citizens, and the homeless, 

Sumant kaul has impacted  lives of  millions of people directly and indirectly in  more than 30 countries with his  wonderful techniques like Karma Kundalini Break through ,Love ,Health and Wealth Breakthrough and Create Wealth through Law of Attraction. His quest for helping and supporting people was inborn and he learnt this from his Reverend Mother Shrimati Kanta Kaul who was an epitome of Kindness and always helping and supporting people in family and  helping  those who needed her assistance .

Sumant  in his childhood and very early youth was greatly impacted by the poverty he found in India and third world countries and the constant wars happening amongst the poor developing countries  and the rich  and the super powers taking advantage of the same  in the NAME OF HELP.

What began as a young child's inner feeling to help and support the down trodden has grown in tobe his DIVINE TIMING and Sumant travels around the world helping people who need him along with his son Sumeet Kant Kaul, wife Neeta Kaul who is a very strong pillar of support to him and his students always looking after them like her own children and family member and also travelling with them is their Lovely daughter Suneha Kant Kaul who is grooming and studying to be a psychologist and many times she misses on her school studies in order to be with her father to help the NEEDY.

Sumant and Sumeet not only help and support the needy but their name has spread like fire because they are famous to keep the confidence of their friends,students and followers and celebrity film stars  political leader, Chief Executives of big organizations, psychologists, peak performance coaches, Sports  persons  International entertainers, distressed women in third world countries, in developed and developing countries as the problem is almost similar of gender inequality and lack of  civic education in  almost all the countries. He believes that women is the most powerful energy on earth for the welfare of humanity and should be respected and given her due 

He is the Chairman of 8 successful companies and gives lecture all over the world.

His Journal book Monk with a Rolex is one of the most sought out Journal of how you can be pure as a saint and yet be rich and enjoy the earthly things  with love, peace, honor and gratitude and WONDERFUL FAMILY.

Peace, Love and Brotherhood Missionary 

Sumant Kaul is the Chairman of the Jury  of the PEACE INTERNATIONAL AWARD  an award to honor  the International luminaries who cultivate a change in the lives of people  on this earth using their TIME and INFLUENCE  for PEACE INITIATIVE involving LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD 

 Sumant has collaborated with political and business leaders in diverse  communities  and is the President of Bhartiya Maitri Dlal and was also the All India General Secretary of Seva Dal of a Major Political Party in India Seva in Hindi means community work in  helping and serving people 

Authority on Hitech Performance

Highly respected as the nation's foremost authority on the psychology of Hitech Peak Performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Sumant and Sumeet Kaul  have advised and counseled Fortune 200 CEOs, world-renowned medical doctors, legends in entertainment, and championship sports teams 

Sumant has got Engineering Business in the Name of Sauman Power Engineers and Consultants and Hitech Brand and they have excellence in Maintenance and installation of captive power plants and have given their services to Prime Ministers Residence ,President HoseReserve bank of India, Planning Commission of India, Central Reserve Police force, Indo Tibeten Border Police, Tihar Jail the biggest Jail in Asia, Scientific and research establishments like  Nuclear Research Laboratory  National Physical labatory, NBPGR, Deen Dayal Upadahya Hospital, ,Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital, Dr Hedgewar Hospital, High court,  Patiala Hose court, Karkadooma courts, Railways in India, Air India  and many more prestigious institutions

Strategic Advisor to World Leaders in Business, Politics and Entertainment 

Sumant has met with, consulted and many times National and international leaders  including Politics, Business  and members of the Royal Family of Various countries and advised chairman of Big Banks  in Success Management 

Sumant Kaul is sought out for his unique ability to identify patterns and model of the success mantra and strategies generating consistent results these International and National leaders 

Successful Entrepreneur & Honored Business Strategist

Sumant Kaul is a successful Businessman  owning 8 companies and serves as Chairman of two  privately held industries as diverse as  Electrical and Mechanical Engg ,Telecom and Entertainment and Films , education and  media , 

Sumant  along with Sumeet  Kaul and his wife Neeta kaul have started with the concept of  Sumant  and Sumeet Kaul Wellness center [SKWC] and  Sumant  and Sumeet Kaul Wellness center  and Resorts [SKWCR]  in different parts of India and  world to spread  the High Quality  Wellness  Industry  thus creating employment for  thousands of Individuals AND HELPING NOT ONLY Rich and famous but also the Poor and Needy.

He is famous for putting his own money for the needy and gives the best of  3 star accommodations and free   5 star hotel food to   the needy people  along with rich when they come to his seminars which he holds many times in 5 STAR PROPERTIES of International fame .

This quality of his is unmatched in the WORLD .NOBODY EVEN THE BEST OF THE PEAK PERFORMANCE BUSINESS TYCOONS PROVIDE FREE FOOD TO THEIR DELEGATES along with Accommodation and Sumant is the Man who  walks the talk.

Successful Actors, performers, Politicians, and Business Leaders call on Sumant and Sumeet Kaul to be their strategic advisor when they face critical decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluation of probabilities and consequences. 

Sumant is the only Indian in the world  in the Healing Business who has  crossed  Gross sales more than Multi Million Dollars 

 Accomplishment in Alternative Medicine & Healing Techniques

Sumant Kant Kaul is a leading name in the field of Alternative Medical practices and is the 

Founder of KARMA KUNDALINI BREAKTHROUGH a very Powerful Technique of Knowing your Future and changing the negative aspect of that and he also created another POWERFUL TECHNIQUE LOVE & WEALTH BREAKTHROUGH where you can get Instant resources to Love, health and Wealth .

He is Founding President of International Healing Foundation and India International Healing Institute.


Sumeet Kant Kaul is one of the very few Trainers in the world of Neuro Linguistic Pattering from John Grinder Institute of Nlp.

He and his team of practitioners have taught this novel method of alternative medicine and healing 

to thousands in the world and are committed to the task of spreading the wonders of this method of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough with Law of Karma ,Love, Health & Wealth Breakthrough * Create Wealth Through 

Law of Attraction and through these simple technique Sumant and Sumeet Kant Kaul has been a recurring name in the field of ,Karma healing Nlp, thetahealing, Love and Wealth Healing and its unbelievable benefits and has often been to London ,USA, UAE, Europe ,Japan, Australia, New zealand ,Brazil to create awareness about the various aspects of NLp, Karma Kundalini Breakthrough with Law of Karma ,Love, Health & Wealth Breakthrough * Create Wealth Through Law of Attraction and Theta Healing. 

Kaul has learned the above arts by deep study of various spirituality mediums and met great masters all around the world in sea and mountains by traveling across the world spanning Japan, Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, New Zealand, USA and Auckland. He has traveled far and wide to spread the wonders of this science to New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, New Jersey. He has also been teaching this technique in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut in Lebanon. 

In India the believers of his techniques have spread the awareness of healing through Seminars and various meditation camps across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, New Delhi, Calcutta and Nagpur.

Kaul has taken up the mission to help people learn this art and technique in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

In Karma Kundalini Breakthrough the unique ways of this practice entail a complete submission to the source of creation and laws of the universe to emerge as a holistic and clairvoyant being where the mind of free of all vices and all body chakras are in perfect harmony with each other. Karma healing is truly the new 

age way to attain salvation that has transcended age of practices of karma and alternative medicine 

using theses techniques and meditation as the medium. 

Positions Sumant Kaul holds:
Chairman Board of Trustee;- 

International Healing Foundation


Was the one who organized and hosted the First, Second and third THETAHEALING WORLD CONFERENCE in India.

Founder;- Art of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough

Founder :-International Foundation for Peace, Culture and HRD Ambassador:-Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA (THinK) India & UAE Managing Director :- Hitech Group of Industries

Managing Director: - Dream Arts & Tele Films P ltd

Credentials of Sumeet and Sumant Kaul: 

They are Electronics and Communication Engineer and Mechanical Engineer respectively

Member American Board of NLP

Member International Regression and Research Therapy

Master Hypnotist & Hypnotherapy Trainer

Past life repressionist therapist and Trainer

Life between lives repressionist therapist and Trainer

Senior Master thetahealer and Certificate of Science Trainer of the following course in thetahealing Mater Trainer Theta Healing DNA2 Advanced and Basic Mater Trainer Manifestation and Abundance Mater Trainer Soul Mate & Soul Family Mater Trainer Rhythm to Weight Liberation for Perfect Weight in 7 days Mater Trainer Intuitive Anatomy & Disease and Disorder healing your Physical body

Master Trainer World Relations for effective relationships with countries and people of all religions for world Peace

Master Trainer DNA3 and Rainbow Children  a very powerful course for Psychic abilities 

Planes of Existence to understand the level s of the Laws of the universe for effective opportunity for growth. 

Achievements in Sports : Sumant Kaul is a former All-India Judo Champion teaching Martial ARTS AND JUDO WHEN HE WAS ABOUT 19 YEARS OLD teaching the art of deep meditation through Judo and many commandos in ITBP,CRPF,CISF have learnt this art from him .

He also hosted an International Judo championship called Peace International Judo championship where many National and International luminaries in the field of sports ,Politics, Ambassadors attended from various countries and the programs was highlighted on the NATIONAL TV DOORDARSHAN in India which was the only TV NETWORK that time in India.

About Sumant Kaul’s spiritual life: He is a successful businessman, as well as an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, and Psychic, Palmist and Face reader of International Fame and believes that you can be wealthy and still be close to God. Sumant Kant Kaul is a multi-faceted healer and a wonderful teacher. He’s faculty and consultant of many high profile celebrities all over the world. Kings, Sheikhs and many business tycoons take guidance from him owing to his varied feathered cap According to Grand master Sumant Kant kaul, Master SumeetKant kaul 'we are not against conventional medicine, Rather we believe that great research has gone in conventional medicine and we should honor it and both alternative medicine and conventional medicine complement each other anne with this Motto our healers and Medical Doctor healers heal and help people all around the world.

He travels around the world to teach Karma Kundalini Breakthrough, ThetaHealing, Hypnosis, Past life regression, Create Wealth through Law of Attraction, 

Law of Karma and has taught the same to thousands of students around the world and now his students have become successful ThetaHealing and Law of Attraction Teachers and teach in the USA, London, India, Japan and even the Philippines and other parts of the world .

Grand Master Sumant Kaul has researched extensively on the Law of Cause & Effect and how this coding in the cells of the physical body affects life patterns and the journey of the individual’s soul and is the Founder of Art Of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough.

In his spiritual and learning quest, he has travelled widely around the world to nations such as Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, in Japan,

Brisbane, Gold coast, Sydney, Melbourne,

Perth in Australia, Auckland, cairns in New Zealand, Holland, BEVERLY HILLS, LOS ANGELES, ST MONICA, IDAHO FALLS , Washington ,New York, Las Vegas Chicago, San Francisco in United States of America, UAE, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Indonesia, United Kingdom and many other parts of the world. 

About Sumant Kaul’s professional life: Sumant is known as a Master Manifestor pivotal in stirring the Mobile Telecommunications boom in India in the 1990s. He opened the World’s first Exclusive Cellular Phone stores in India which created a platform for concentrated sales 

of mobile phones generating a 1000+ percentage increase in mobile phone connections within India in a span of 16 months covering previously untapped markets of Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi etc. He is the man who PREDICTED the fate of the TELECOM REVOLUTION IN INDIA, and played a dominant role in steering the entire telecom industry. Responsible for changing the lives of thousands of people in India through his manifestation techniques in the corporate sphere, Sumant Kaul has made millions for businesses in the Telecom and Engineering industries. He is a Master Manifestor that shares his expertise with all, helping people Manifest their dreams including becoming rich and abundant, finding a compatible soulmate, and resolving any and all relationship issues. And now let us get back to Sumant Kant Kaul,and how he uses the techniques he has founded and also Theta Healing: Evidently, Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul are unique among the Hitech Peak Performance coaches ,Master Hypnotist and Regressionist ,Neuro Linguistic Trainers, Karma healers and ThetaHealers of the world.

Sumant and Sumeet Kant Kaul knows the success secrets of celebrity models, film stars & tycoons & how they become millionaires & billionaires and teaches the same that the WHEEL OF SUCCESS NEED NOT BE REINVENTED it needs to be followed keeping your own Individuality. .

In his classes, he teaches you so effortlessly how to know your true potential and...achieve it too He is known to bring out the full potential in people, and his students often describe his ability in transforming peoples’ lives as akin to changing a rock into a diamond. With amazing grace, he is friends with the LAWS and his research with the Laws like- Law of Karma & Law of Attraction and experience and success in manifesting.  

Sumant has guided and advised many Telecom czars through his innovative 

Techniques to be amongst Fortune 500.

He is a Master Manifestor that shares his expertise with all, helping people Manifest their dreams including becoming rich and abundant, finding a compatible soulmate, and resolving any and all relationship issues. According to Sumant, it is a piece of cake to manifest and get your soulmate from the seventh plane

He says people young and old waste time and energy dating online and at wrong place with wrong people due to the Karma to find true love, and a compatible soulmate. Their efforts almost all the time gets wasted as what they think is gold due the law of karma fades into not even BRASS and results in DISTRESS, DISHARMONY, DISEASES AND DIVORCE IN RELATIONSHIP .

These people can easily manifest their highest and best Soulmate through implementing the techniques taught by Grand Master Kaul.

He says that you have to allow your soulmate to be properly cooked through 

creator and  not eat it right away and nor overcook it

There is a Proper Recipe ie a technique through Law of Karma to have your 


Sumant Kant Kaul leads a life as the epitome of HONOR and SUCCESS. He is a touchstone who can help you grow and see the Highest Truth. He and his team of practitioners and Teachers have taught this novel method of alternative medicine and healing to thousands in the world and are committed to the task of spreading the wonders of this method of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough, Create Wealth through Law of Attraction , Theta Healing through the simple art of Laws of the Universe and guided meditation. 

Master Sumeet Kant Kaul has been a recurring name in the field of Law of Karma, Law of Attraction, Love and Wealth Breakthrough and ThetaHealing and its unbelievable benefits and has often been to London, USA AND Japan Karma Healing to create awareness about the various aspects of Theta Healing. Grand Master Sumant has undertaken the mission to spreading Law of Karma, Love and Wealth Breakthrough ,ThetaHealing in Lebanon, Manila, Philippines, London, Canada, UAE, with his dedicated team of students He has traveled far and wide to spread the wonders of this science to New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, New Jersey. He has also been teaching this technique in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut in Lebanon.

Future plans of Sumeet and Sumant and Sumeet Kaul:

They plans to make world class Wellness Center resort for training in bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, ChingMai in thailand for Karma Kundalini Breakthrough ,hypnosis ,pastlife and in Beijing, Shanghai in China, south Korea, geneva and Zurich in Switzerland, Sweden, oslo in Norway.

He is going to take Permission after Meeting President Vladmir Putin in Russia to open these centers in Moscow,st , Petersburg in Russia, and Spa relating to training in hypnosis ,past life regression , LBL ,hypnotherapy, palmistry ,law of attraction& law of karma training Ukraine, Kazakhstan, in Saudi Arabia, hypnosis ,past life regression , hong kong Croatia and serbia In fact, as President of the International Healing Foundation, Sumant established daily Free Healing Camps in New Delhi in India and Dubai in UAE, in cooperation with Medical Doctors that are his students, and are now certified Teachers.

Family Man:-

Sumant is married to his beloved sweet heart Neeta for the past 27 years and have two wonderful children Sumeet and Suneha who help him spreading Joy and love across the 

seven continents

And finally… Sumeet and Sumant Kaul are modern age teachers who utilize the power of pure and positive thought-intent and will teach you how to instill a greater sense of wellbeing by being Close to God, while also having the choice to be rich, famous abundant and having the most compatible loving soul mate through the Power of Thought generated by the Creator of All that Is – a rare combination in Today’s world. It is a privilege to learn from Sumeet and Sumant Kaul, True Masters.